Bonjour. This is my little hideaway. If you happened on this place, it is here that I occasionally express thoughts and opinions on whatever I feel like, for no particular rhyme or reason.

Hal Burgiss

Based on a True Story

I have a thing about movies that are “based on true story”. The more fantastical the better. Why doesn’t Netflix have genre for this? It adds a whole other dimension to a story line. I am too old to be naive enough to believe that every “true story” is indeed a true story. But the

Bob Dylan – Buried Treasure

There is such a wealth of works by Bob, its a little hard to get around to listening to it all. And I don’t mean just the stuff major record labels have released. There are zillions of unofficial works, bootlegs and whatnots floating around these days. Going back to 1960. I’ve managed to go through

Bod Dylan – On a Rainy Afternoon

Its 1966 and Bob Dylan is on the road with the Hawks (later to be the Band). In this little scrap he is actively writing a song, tentatively titled On a Rainy Afternoon (Does She Need Me), which apparently was never finished and thus never published. A fascinating glimpse inside the creative process of a very creative guy during a very creative period. What you hear here is actually a compilation of 5 separate tracks of Bob working out the song while coaching Robbie Robertson on how he wants him to play it. The first four are titled "On a Rainy Afternoon". The last fragment is titled "I Can't Leave Her Behind". Apparently, the

Good News: Cluster Headaches

I had my first cluster headache about 15 years ago. I didn’t know it was a cluster headache, I just knew it hurt so bad I wondered if I was dying. Incredibly intense, burning, searing pain on one side of my head and neck. To the point, I could barely walk. I didn’t find out

Solving Ubuntu Performance Issues

As a long time Linux user, I was disheartened to find getting a reasonable level of performance would be so much work. And would defy the old saw that Linux runs great in less memory than Windows. This is a q&e summary of my experiences with Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) Desktop, and the various performance

Bradley Mills of Mills Remodeling

Buyer beware I hired Bradley Mills of “Mills Remodeling” to replace a roof that had suffered storm damage. The roof had not leaked or had previous problems. Bradley seems like a nice enough, hard working young guy. He is from Bardstown, KY though does most of his work in Louisville, KY. He completed the work

Open Source Matters

“Open Source” is one of those buzzwords that probably doesn’t matter much to most people. But its our bread and butter. We use Open Source products to run our servers. We use it to build and manage websites. We use it for hosting, marketing campaigns, and internal business applications. And its not just us. Much

How granddad Invented Tabasco Sauce

The True History of Tabasco Sauce.1 This is really one of those rags-to-riches, American success stories. To get to the beginning of the story, let’s start at the end, and then march backwards. First, some family history … My mother is Laura Bullitt Burgiss, whose father was Hugh Kennedy Bullitt, whose mother was Heloise Kennedy

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